Eye Lash Extensions

Semi-permanent eye lash extensions can be a great way to subtly enhance your natural lashes or give you a dramatic full on look for any special occasion. Whatever effect you want your lashes to have I can supply the perfect service to help you with this.

The individual lashes are applied to your natural lash, one by one, and they will fall out naturally with the normal cycle of your own lashes. They are virtually weightless, comfortable and effortlessly emphasize the shape of your eye, whether you want natural or thick and dramatic lashes. They will instantly increase the length, thickness and volume making there no need to wear mascara. The treatment is perfect for holidays, special occasions, weddings, or just for thicker, fuller lashes.

Your new lashes will remain for around 8-12 weeks with regular maintenance every 2-3 weeks, depending on the speed of your natural lash growth. The relaxing treatment will normally take around 1.5-2 hours to complete a full set (anything between 60-100 lashes) and between 30-60 mins for re-fills.

I only use the finest quality lashes and bonding agents that will make for perfect, glamorous eyes.

The cost of the treatment is £65 for a full complete set and £35 for re-fills.*

* You must have at least 50% of original full set otherwise it will be classed as a full set.